Why are we all talking about fascia?

Fascia is the connective tissue which runs through and envelopes all structures within our body creating a continuous web of connectivity and communication.  It is what gives our bodies its structural integrity, balance and flexibility. Although it is continuous throughout our body, it takes on many shapes, forms and diversity.  It can vary from being fragile and watery to a tough fibrous network. Unconditioned and damaged fascia will become tight, thickened and shortened and this could be the result of aging, poor mobility, lack of exercise and movement, repetitive strain, surgery, sports injury and emotional stress etc.  If left unchecked, these restrictions can lead to dysfunction, imbalance and tensional strain in all areas of the body that lead to subsequent pain and disease. Following an injury, we adopt holding positions and restrict our movement to help prevent further injury and help relieve pain and discomfort. However, when these patterns are held for extended periods and inadvertently become a habit, then this can be a perpetual source of pain and restriction.  This can occur in an area seemingly unrelated to the initial injury. Bowen is a fascial release therapy which can help free up tensions and thus rebalance the body.  Studies have shown that Bowen increases flexibility and this continues to improve over time. Fascia is something we Bowen Therapists are fascinated with and we should all embrace this amazing communication network and care good care of it. Touch is essential and a vital support for the body and mind.  It is needed to revitalise us, balance us, nurture and comfort us. It is an essential means of communication with our inner self and the outside world.  Bowen engages a unique therapeutic touch to the fascia and nervous system with a holistic approach and has an amazing effect on triggering a healing process. If you are interested in trying Bowen for your health problems, please call me for a chat.  I would love to hear from you and discuss how we can work together to help resolve your issues.