Hayfever and Asthma Testimonials

Seasonal Rhinitis (Hayfever) and Asthma

Having suffered with severe hayfever for as long as I remember, I was looking desperately for a remedy to help as even prescription antihistamines didn’t touch it. Bowen has reduced my hayfever symptoms by a huge amount and some days I don’t even need my antihistamines during the hayfever season. Now I go back once a year for 3 sessions over a 3 week period just before the hayfever season begins. It has also helped my asthma which id usually very bad during the season. I can’t recommend this treatment enough for anyone that suffers with asthma or hayfever.

K.R. (female) aged 21


Ryan is a typical example of how Bowen can help with asthma. Ryan is a four year old who had been suffering with asthma symptoms for most of his life. He was a chesty baby since birth and was initially in the special care baby unit where he was treated with antibiotics before discharge home. He continued to have respiratory and nasal problems ever since and was admitted for a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy at the age of 3. When he presented to the Bowen Clinic, he was experiencing acute attacks of asthma at least every month and was unable to run about without coughing, wheezing, getting out of breath and resorting to using his inhaler. He was also waking up every night with a cough and suffered with hayfever which exacerbated his asthma. He was using regular asthma medication and also required oral steroids every time he had an acute attack.

After his first session of Bowen his Mother notice a marked improvement. He was able to run and jump about without symptoms and began sleeping throughout the night from 6pm -7am. His breathing had also become noticeable quieter and calmer. He also had an episode of vomiting when he bought up a lot of mucus. He had not used his reliever inhaler since his first session. Ryan had 2 sessions of Bowen.

Ryan returned to clinic 2 months later in the month of May as he had recently contracted scarlet fever which had affected his asthma control. He would have usually started with hay-fever symptoms this time of year but so far he was symptom free. His reliever use was still very infrequent.

This case history shows how Bowen therapy can help in asthma and childhood respiratory illnesses.
It is also very effective in helping newborns who may be congested and full of mucus which they are unable to cough up or suffering with colic. Babies can also be quite unsettled, stressed and jangled after birth especially following a difficult delivery and Bowen can very effective in these cases.