Frozen shoulder and neck problems Testimonials

Frozen Shoulder / Arm Pain

Dee came to Bowen following a recommendation from a friend. She presented with a frozen shoulder with extreme pain down her arm.

Dee had trouble with everyday activities like washing and drying her hair, getting dressed and struggled to sleep at night. She had limited movement of her arm and the pain was unbearable with every movement.

Dee describes her experience and result after 3 sessions of Bowen:-

“Nicola is amazing she explained everything in detail. I cannot express how much this has helped me. I was in agony for months with a frozen shoulder. After the first session I felt the difference. My shoulder didn’t feel so tense and I was able to do some exercises. After the second session I was able to wash my hair with not much effort and pain had reduced by half. After my third session I was able to do things without having that intense pain. I am now able to sleep through the night and the pain has reduced hugely.

I will go back for a few more sessions to keep on top of it. I would definitely advise people to try Bowen Therapy before anything else. I wish I had.  I can now get dressed do my hair with little or no pain I am sleeping better which puts me in a better mood.”

Dee – Southend

Neck and Shoulder Blade Pain

Freddie came to me as an emergency. He was suffering from severe neck pain which radiated to his right shoulder. He was extremely tender over his cervical spine and was experiencing severe shooting pains through his shoulder blade. He was guarding his right arm and was reluctant to move his head.

He had a 10 day history of neck pain which was getting worse despite having treatment from another therapy. He was unable to work and drive and even getting dressed and eating a meal was proving to be very difficult.

He was clearly very distressed, anxious and in a lot of pain.

I agreed to see Freddie and discussed that he must be reviewed by his GP or A&E should his condition worsen.

Immediately after his first session, the tenderness in his neck had lessened and he was able to drop his right arm and move his shoulder and neck more freely. He felt a sense of relief now some of the pain had subsided.  He was not completely pain free and was still in some discomfort,  but this was to be expected as there would be some considerable inflammation and irritation to the nerves.

Freddie had a comfortable night and by day 2 he was greatly improved. He continued to improve each day and by the time he came to his second appointment, he was virtually pain free and driving again. He was able to carry out daily activities much easier and relatively pain free. He hadn’t needed any analgesia for 36 hours.

A further appointment was arranged to check on progress.

This is Freddie’s Testimonial:-

‘Having already visited a therapist for several x-rays, treatments, ice packs, medication etc, I was not improving and in great pain, much of it muscle spasms.
Luckily a work colleague who had been treated by Nicky some time ago recommended her.
She saw me at very short notice and immediately started the very gentle Bowen therapy. Just one session helped a lot and over the next 6 days I was generally getting better each day, able to sleep again and not constantly taking strong painkillers.
The second treatment built on the first and has loosened up my shoulder and neck enough so that I can drive short distances again and use my computer to work from home.  I would be very happy to recommend Bowen the others.’

Freddie, Thorpe Bay.

Neck and Back Pain

Having tried various solutions to my neck and back pain over a period of 5 months, it was really getting me down, I wasn’t ever getting a good nights sleep, I couldn’t drive without being in pain every time I turned my neck and I had virtually stopped attending my yoga and pilates classes. When I spoke to one of my yoga teachers, she recommended Nicky and her Bowen treatment to me, I’d never heard of it before, but it had worked wonders for her and so I got in touch with Nicky and booked my first session. Nicky was lovely she listened and went through a thorough check of my general health and well being before starting Bowen on me. She explained that my neck and back pain were probably related. After that first session I was able to move my neck much more freely and without constant pain. My back pain became barely noticeable, and I was no longer relying on pain killers to get to sleep. Now after three once a week sessions with Nicky, I am back to leading a full life – pain free! I can and would totally recommend Nicky and her Bowen treatment to anyone suffering. She will definitely be my first port of call in the future.

Sue Spooner- Hockley

Neck pain

After suffering for nearly a year with chronic neck pain and trying many different treatments without success, including Osteopathy, trigger therapy massage, Physio and even Cortisol injections in to cervical spine, I was at my wits end. Every morning I woke up in pain and thought about it all day. I had spent a substantial amount of time and money trying to get better and as I am a busy Yoga Teacher by profession I needed to find a solution. I went to see Nicky, unsure of what to expect from the Bowen technique and still in pain. Immediately after the first treatment the pain had subsided, it did come back after a few days, but was considerably less and it continued like this with each treatment. After 5 treatments, I am free from pain and very grateful to Nicky.  She cares very much about helping people and I would wholeheartedly recommend her and her wonderful therapy to anyone.

Julie S – Rochford

Neck and Shoulder Issue

My name is Dawn. I recently visited Nicky after a problem occurred in my neck/top of my back. It just seemed to ‘ping’ one morning as I stretched in bed. At first I ignored it in the hope it would correct itself, but after a couple of weeks it seemed to suddenly get worse and I was left with a sort of stiff neck/shoulder. I am an active person who cycles daily to and from work. I swim weekly with my local club in the Masters section & try to run 3 times a week to keep fit. On top of that I play badminton at club level at least 4 times a week. Therefore I was keen to get this problem resolved ASAP! I also have a slight problem with my elbow area, probably due to poor badminton technique & overuse?

Nicky has only given me 2 treatments & my neck/shoulder problem is fine. I have been wrapping the elbow area with elasticated bandage soaked in cider vinegar daily, recommended to me by Nicky, which seems to be helping. I am considering visiting Nicky monthly for ‘maintenance’ treatment as I think at the age of 53, perhaps my body needs a little help to cope with the wear and tear? Thank you Nicky.

Dawn M aged 53

Frozen Shoulder

Thank you for recommending Bowen as a treatment for my frozen shoulder.

As you know I had been enduring the discomfort for 8 weeks as I could not establish the exact affected part due to deferred pain.

I had a course of 3 treatments, and found the improvement, just 2 days after the first session remarkable. I was sceptical at first ,as when I left you after the first session I felt no difference in the pain and lack of movement in my arm. Then I woke up on the 3rd day to find that the constant pain that I had been enduring for 8 weeks had gone completely.
The next 2 sessions to complete the treatment ensured that I now have no pain ( can sleep at night ) and almost full movement, which I know will improve with continued exercise, following the exercise plan that you gave me.

Thank you again, you made my recovery so easy.

I have recommended bowen to others who have mentioned having muscular pain and passed on your leaflet on bowen to them.

Regards, Jan Johnson

Fibromyalgia and Frozen Shoulder after 1 session

This is a message I received from a client this week who has suffered with fibromyalgia since her early twenties and a frozen shoulder for 2 and half years. It was her first ever session of Bowen and half way through the session after spinal work she remarked that the pain in her back and hips which was a pain score of 8 when she came to clinic had significantly dropped to 1. After the treatment she sat in the chair for a while and we chatted. Her next comment blew me away. “I still can’t believe my pain has gone. I have just had a glimpse into a pain-free world!” I then asked her how her shoulder was feeling and to her amazement she could raise her arm to her ear and reach right behind her back. She has asked me to share her message:

Morning Nicky. Just a quick thank you for my Bowen session on Monday. My body is SO much better and it’s really strange having movement in my left arm after 2 years and 6 months of not being able to lift it! I have been in constant pain with it and restricted movement and thought I would have to live with it …so happy the end is in sight. Got dressed ok today with minimal pain instead of severe. It’s strange being able to use it as I had got so used to not relying on it. I’ve also done something I have never done before, I bought lavender oil and Epsom salts and actually laid in bath relaxing my muscles which has really helped. I’m doing the simple stretches too. I can’t believe the difference as 70% of my chronic widespread pain has gone!

It’s a strange but wonderful sensation not being in chronic pain. I’m keeping in the mindset of being kind to my muscles. It helped you explaining how important they are and how they support our skeleton. Thank you for your wise advice.

Neck pain

I often suffer from terrible neck ache and have regular massage but they were not helping enough. I was introduced to bowen and after the first treatment, I found that the constant ache had gone and I was able to stop my painkillers. After the second treatment, my sciatic pain had eased and by the third visit, my neck was much improved and I felt better, Overall I feel a lot calmer in myself. The treatment was wonderful with a feeling of warmth and tingling though your body. I would highly recommend Nicky and the treatment she provides.

R. S (Female – aged 35)

Neck and Back Pain

I had been suffering with severe neck and back pain due to heavy lifting and driving over many years, causing considerable wear and tear in these areas. I had tried other therapies but never got any significant relief. After my first session with bowen however, I did get some relief in my neck and back and after 3-4 sessions, a great deal more relief. The sessions are quite relaxing and I can now get on with my work and not worry about being in constant pain afterwards

R L (Male)

Neck pain / Restriction

I had been suffering with a chronic stiff painful neck which was restricting my lifestyle. I couldn’t sit for long without pain in my neck and the need to support my head by holding my chin, especially when in a restaurant with friends or at the cinema. I was unable to turn my head fully and look over my shoulder whilst driving. It was also affecting my hobbies like sewing and reading. Bowen was recommended to me by my daughter who had found it very effective for her ankle injury. My first treatment left me feeling very relaxed and over the following days I noticed a gradual improvement and stopped taking analgesia. After 3 treatments my neck pain had resolved and movement had improved. I can now go out with friends and enjoy an evening without pain. Bowen has also improved my sleep pattern. I am amazed by the effectiveness of bowen, and would definitely recommend it.

D.W (aged 72)

Shoulder Restriction

BH was interested to try Bowen before resorting to cortisone injections for a long standing shoulder problem which resulted from a fall from a horse 20 years ago. She complained of constant stiffness and discomfort in her shoulder which was restricting her shoulder movements. BH is aware of the effectiveness of Bowen as it is used on the horses she rides (Equine touch).

“I had 2 sessions with Nicky and found the therapy to be very helpful. I have not had any problems with my shoulder since having the last session. I now do not feel the need to have the injection that was originally recommended by my doctor. I will definitely have Bowen again.”

B.H (Female – aged 41)

 Restricted Shoulder

After suffering with sciatica and trapped nerves I my back for 6 weeks, not getting any relief from the pain and due to go on holiday, I heard about Bowen Therapy.  After 3 sessions of Bowen the pain has all gone. I have also suffered with my left shoulder for 40 years, had Bowen therapy to that also. I cant believe how I can move my arm and reach up to the top shelves in my kitchen now.  I never thought that was possible for me at my age of 81 years.  when I first went to have Bowen, I didn’t  know what to expect, but I was made to feel relaxed and I am now looking forward to my holiday. I would recommend Bowen therapy every time.

Margaret Smith