Fibromyalgia Testimonials

Fibromyalgia and Frozen Shoulder after 1 session

This is a message I received from a client this week who has suffered with fibromyalgia since her early twenties and a frozen shoulder for 2 and half years. It was her first ever session of Bowen and half way through the session after spinal work she remarked that the pain in her back and hips which was a pain score of 8 when she came to clinic had significantly dropped to 1. After the treatment she sat in the chair for a while and we chatted. Her next comment blew me away. “I still can’t believe my pain has gone. I have just had a glimpse into a pain-free world!” I then asked her how her shoulder was feeling and to her amazement she could raise her arm to her ear and reach right behind her back. She has asked me to share her message:

Morning Nicky. Just a quick thank you for my Bowen session on Monday. My body is SO much better and it’s really strange having movement in my left arm after 2 years and 6 months of not being able to lift it! I have been in constant pain with it and restricted movement and thought I would have to live with it …so happy the end is in sight. Got dressed ok today with minimal pain instead of severe. It’s strange being able to use it as I had got so used to not relying on it. I’ve also done something I have never done before, I bought lavender oil and Epsom salts and actually laid in bath relaxing my muscles which has really helped. I’m doing the simple stretches too. I can’t believe the difference as 70% of my chronic widespread pain has gone!

It’s a strange but wonderful sensation not being in chronic pain. I’m keeping in the mindset of being kind to my muscles. It helped you explaining how important they are and how they support our skeleton. Thank you for your wise advice.

KP (female aged 51)