Emotional Stress and Skin Problems Testimonials

Emotional Stress

An “unwinding, emotional” experience:
“I have been suffering with stress, and as such I had pain across my shoulders, neck and jaw. I had tried massage but this didn’t relieve my symptoms.

I decided to try Bowen as it was a non-invasive treatment. Nicky, explained how Bowen worked, she made me feel comfortable and provided a safe environment to relax and allow her to apply the Bowen technique. After having just two treatments – I honestly feel like a new person. My health has improved enormously, as well as my emotional wellbeing. I wholeheartedly recommend Nicky.”

L B (female aged 36)

Eczema / Stress

I first heard about Bowen from my wife who had been talking to Nicky. I was suffering with a persistent skin rash, sleepless nights and a general inability to relax and be calm, probably all bought on by stress. But having suffered these symptoms before, I knew (certainly for the rash) I had to break the cycle. So when I heard about Bowen, I was keen to give it a try. I committed to one appointment per week with Nicky for four weeks to give it a fair trial.

After the first two sessions I noticed a slight improvement in the rash, but after the 3rd session, I could really see the benefits. During the week after my fourth appointment I realised that my rash had all but gone. I was sleeping much better and I could relax in front of the TV again without endless fidgeting.

I then decided to go for monthly top up sessions with Nicky and I am pleased to say my excellent progress has continued.

S.T. (Male aged 61)


For years I have suffered with many aches and pains as a result of years of manual work. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with psoriasis which over the years covered most areas of my body. After my daughter had some Bowen therapy with Nicky I decided to go and see if she could help me. After the first couple of sessions many of my aches and pains had been reduced but I also noticed that my psoriasis was beginning to disappear. As time passed and with regular sessions od Bowen, my psoriasis has more or less gone. I will continue to visit Nicky on a monthly basis to keep my psoriasis and muscular pains at bay. I may be in my 70th year but I feel more like 60. Thank you Nicky.

BH (male) aged 70

Stress and Insomnia

For many years I have been taking sleeping tablets. After several visits to the doctors for advice on how to come off these tablets, I was recommended by family members to try Bowen and go and see Nicky. I had one session which made me feel more relaxed and not so stressed so after just this one session I decided to try and come off the tablets which I did. The second session helped me to feel more confident about being without the tablets and made it even easier to sleep. I did have a third session but have not needed the sleeping tablets since. I have had a further visit after one month which has helped me to stay relaxed, calm and confident in myself enough to not need the tablets anymore.

I.H (female)