Children’s Testimonials

Owen ‘s story: 14 months old

Owen presented at the children’s clinic as mum was concerned that he had been a miserable child since he was 10 months old. Mum described Owen as being unhappy 90% of the time, always shouting, whining and crying and was very clingy. He also used to wake up crying at night. She could never leave him alone for a minute. This was putting a strain on the whole family and her relationship with Owen.

After his first session of Bowen, mum felt immediately a change in Owen’s body when she picked him up. His body felt more relaxed and at ease and he was generally happier when he got home. The next day she was able to leave him playing in the front room wandering around and playing with his toys and this has continued. Mum was amazed by the change in her little boy. She reported at the next visit that Owen is now a normal, happy toddler and was sleeping soundly at night. She has also noticed that he has stopped tip toeing.

Ernie – A Chesty Child

After spending last winter with Ernie, (who was 18 month old at the time), being admitted in and out of hospital with bronchiolitis, continually being given antibiotics and being treated for asthma, I was dreading winter again this year. I was told by a specialist in the summer to expect more of the same. October came and so did the antibiotics! After one of his routine asthma appointments I was informed about Bowen Therapy and thought I had nothing to lose so I took him along for a session. Thank goodness I did. After his first appointment he left crying as he wanted to go back and have it done again, which really quite shocked me. His chest cleared virtually overnight, his appetite improved as did his sleeping through the night. He has managed to get through winter without using any of his asthma pumps and not a single dose of antibiotics (unlike the rest of my household) and now has a Bowen session every now and again as a treat!

I am not a sceptic to alternative therapies, but neither was I a believer. Had it been myself receiving therapy I would have possibly thought it was in my mind but there is no way that can be said of a 2½ year old boy.

Enuresis – 12 year old Boy

Ok… i am a born sceptic of all alternative therapies but have found over the years just how incredible they are and Bowen Therapy is no exception!!!! My teenage boy has suffered from nocturnal eurenesis all of his life with no respite… he has tried alarms, pills, nasal sprays… all sorts of ridiculous drinking routines… you name it… nothing has worked. No word of a lie… ONE Bowen Therapy session and he has been dry 22 out of 24 nights. I am gobsmacked, truly amazed!!! Nicky has worked wonders and I recommend her to everyone!!!!

My daughter had been suffering with colds, runny nose,chest infections, and was using an inhaler for asthma. After 3 sessions I am delighted to say it is like having a different baby! The change is brillant she has not had coughs or colds since and her breathing is brillant, I have not used the inhaler once. Thank you again Rosemary.
Lauren Parker, Mum of Ava.

“Bowen has changed our sons life. He suffers with high anxiety with his ASD so worries constantly. After his first session, he cried with relief saying his head was empty for the first time, and that he felt “like he was supposed to be”. His ability to deal with stress and changes etc, has changed drastically. It hasn’t just changed his world, but our world at home too. All 3 of our children spend their week counting down to their Bowen sessions, it’s a treat they can’t live without.”
Angela Purkis 2013


Luke had been diagnosed with migraine by his GP and the medication he had been given wasn’t helping. He would get a bad head two or three times a week and go to bed and hide under the covers until it went.

Lynsay says “Luke is doing well, no migraines since seeing you. i am so happy with his treatment and the fact that he hasn’t had to take himself off to bed with a migraine at all. Thank you!
Lynsay Pratt, mum of Luke, age 10.