Back Pain and Sciatica Testimonials

Lower Back Sprain

I presented to Nicky with a very painful debilitating lower back strain injury. I was in a lot of pain and it affected my movement.

The first treatment immediately reduced the severity of pain and eased movement. The second treatment further improved symptoms. The last treatment released any final aching down my left leg and gave me a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

I know from previous experience for myself, family members and friends that Bowen Therapy by Nicky relieves many ailments from extreme debilitating sciatica pain, back strains, joint issues and even hay fever. I understand it can help many other issues too. The treatment is highly effective and speeds the process of repair and healing as well as giving a wonderful sense of well-being and relaxation.

S Robinson, Hockley

Sciatica, groin pain

I have received this lovely testimonial from a client who was came via a recommendation from a Friend. He had been suffering with sciatica, pain in right buttocks, pain in groin and tingling in right shin. He had difficulty in walking and anxieties regarding the ache in the groin and inside of thigh which was disturbing sleep.

“I was a little skeptical at first, but after consultation my mind was put at rest, because the treatment involved a gentle approach of aligning my body. The therapist Nicky explained the procedure very clearly. My mobility was improved and my mood has improved a lot because of the knowledge of my treatment.  There was an improvement with my wellbeing, but with the knowledge that it would take time. Sleep has improved slightly, but due to the very hot nights, that been a factor as well.

I’m glad that I have found a treatment, that doesn’t involve being pulled about. I’ve found the experience to have created a very positive feeling. If I’ve had any queries they have been explained and answered very clearly.
I enjoyed the relaxed, but professional approach. My symptoms that were causing the pain, have been eased, and I know it’s not an instant cure, but the therapist helped me in the understanding of my body, and the process that it would take to alleviate the aches and pains. I would certainly recommend Nicola Wybrow for Bowen Therapy.”

M.T of Southend

Sciatica and Restricted Shoulder

After suffering with sciatica and trapped nerves I my back for 6 weeks, not getting any relief from the pain and due to go on holiday, I heard about Bowen Therapy.  After 3 sessions of Bowen the pain has all gone. I have also suffered with my left shoulder for 40 years, had Bowen therapy to that also. I cant believe how I can move my arm and reach up to the top shelves in my kitchen now.  I never thought that was possible for me at my age of 81 years.  when I first went to have Bowen, I didn’t  know what to expect, but I was made to feel relaxed and I am now looking forward to my holiday. I would recommend Bowen therapy every time.

Margaret Smith

Chronic Back Pain

I have had a bad back for many years and getting worse as time went on. I have tried many different types of therapy.  I feel Bowen has helped my back in a way I cannot believe.  I always feel more relaxed which has helped in my day to day life.  I have has 3 sessions and I am in at least 70% less pain.  I would definitely recommend Bowen. I am a busy lady and to have less pain day to day is amazing.

Ann S – Shoeburyness

Leg Pain and Numbness

Nicky you are a miracle worker!  I am pain free and the numbness in m leg has virtually gone. I walked almost 12km yesterday which wouldn’t have been possible just over 1 week ago.  I urge everyone, if you are suffering, please give Bowen a try, you won’t be sorry.

A Holmes

Back, Neck and Shoulder Issues

I have been suffering with lower back pain for the last 2 years since a fall onto my lower back. In the last 6 months this pain had increased tenfold and I have had severe pain in my right and left buttock all the way down to both knees. I also had increased tension and pain in my neck and shoulders which had hindered movement.

After going through many pain relieving procedures such as steroid epidural injections, cortisone injections and burning of the nerves, nothing seemed to make a great deal of difference. The consultant then advised that there were no other procedures they could carry out for my conditions. A friend who had experienced back pain advised me to try Bowen. After being prodded with needles, my tissues and muscles were still healing and I thought Bowen sounded like a very gentle option and I wanted to see what this alternative therapy had to offer.

Nicky made me feel at ease straight away and explained how it would work. I guess I was a little sceptical that something so gentle would make such a difference. The first session I had was the very first time my body had relaxed in 6 months and it felt wonderful. I immediately noticed I could stand up straighter and in turn start walking that little bit further. Nicky has relieved the pain in my neck and shoulders and I now have a great deal more range of movement there. The sciatica is becoming less severe when it strikes and this is allowing me to start moving around more to build up my muscles.

The treatment is still ongoing as its helping me to get control of the pain but I wanted to write something now so that it encourages people who have never heard of it, to give it a try. Living in pain is not easy but being able to find a way to eliminate pain or at least make it more manageable in a relaxing and therapeutic way is worth anyone’s time!

Lauren,  aged 23

Back Injury

I have a history of back injuries due to a prolapsed disc but on this occasion I had a torn muscle in my lower back which was very painful and I had struggled to stand or walk as my other muscles had gone into spasm.. After years of using osteopaths and having many treatments, I was told about Bowen therapy, so having read the information on the website I booked my first session. After only a couple of hours after my first Bowen therapy session I noticed a remarkable difference and had my first good night’s sleep since my injury. I then had one more therapy session and after a few days was fit enough to return to work. I will definitely be using Bowen therapy again for any further injury. Many thanks.

SG (Male) aged 40


Monica came to see me for Bowen as she was suffering with debilitating sciatic pain. After only 4 sessions her pain has resolved. This is what Monica has to say about Bowen.

” I have suffered with chronic back pain for many years. The worst symptom of late has been sciatica. After hearing about Bowen from my cousin I decided to give it a try. I have had such good results after only 4 sessions, my sciatic pain has gone and I feel so much better. My pain had decreased and I am hoping for even better relief as time goes on. I have no hesitation in saying ‘give it a try’ I a so pleased I did! It is also very relaxing with a lovely peaceful atmosphere.”


Acute Low Back Pain

A Quick Fix and how he is feeling 5 months after Bowen:
I was fit and healthy until I hurt my back on the farm and was debilitated with painful sciatica that was getting worse as I tried to carry on working. Another farmer via “Farming Forum” recommended Bowen Therapy for this particular problem. I contacted Nicky and after the first session,my mobility improved and the shooting pains down my legs eased. I attended two further appointments and have experienced no further problems since. I was very surprised at how quickly this therapy eliminated the discomfort and pain I had been experiencing.

P.R. (male aged 50)


Back and Thigh Pain

I first found out about Bowen from my sister who has found Bowen therapy very beneficial. I was suffering with back and thigh pain for over a year after injuring my back whilst cleaning the kitchen floor. I just put up with the pain and discomfort in the hope that it would go away. I spent a fortune on various topical creams to rub into the painful areas but these had no effect except leaving a big dent in my purse! Finally, after much nagging from my sister I decided to try Bowen and I am so glad I did. After only the first session, my back pain went away after 3 days and my walking improved, so much so that I went out one day and walked for two hours, something I had not done for a very long time. Even my family noticed immediately how my posture had improved, now more upright, and my face was not showing signs of pain. I was looking and feeling so much happier.
Nicky has encouraged me to do gentle daily exercises and to be aware of my posture and walking pattern. I have now had three sessions and I am very happy with the outcome. I am improving all the time. I would definitely recommend Bowen Therapy and Nicky.

PG Female age 77

Acute Sciatica

After suffering for over 1 week with a recurrence of sciatica which was causing me great discomfort, I decided to try bowen. I was amazed by the effect of just 1 treatment. The next day I was virtually painfree and able to walk several miles without pain. My back continued to improve over the following weeks. I cannot recommend bowen enough.

L.H. (Female – aged 57) – Receptionist