A variety of symptoms sorted Testimonials

A Variety of Symptoms Sorted

I am an 80 year old male. I used to play lots of sports when I was younger and was no stranger to the physio’s table.

Arriving at the grand old age of 80 and with a range of problems – neck/shoulder/ lower back, my wife passed me a copy of an advert that Nicky had placed in “This Is Your Essex” magazine about Bowen and I decided to give it a try, but had no great expectations.

The treatment room was like an oasis of calm. I got onto the table, closed my eyes and stopped talking. I could feel very gentle contact and almost nodded off during the session. It was quite amazing how all the tensions just drifted away, tensions I did not know were there. The day after I felt some achiness all over but I had expected this as Nicky had advised me this was a good sign and meant the Bowen was working. The discomfort lasted for 2 days after each session, but is a small price to pay for the relief I have been getting.

BUT that is not the end of the story. I had other problems which I did not think could be improved by Bowen. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia causing acid reflux from the stomach, and despite two years of various medications supplied by the hospital and my GP, the situation had not improved. It has been particularly painful at night when I lie down in bed, and quite often I need to get up and sit in a chair. After three sessions of Bowen I no longer need to get up and the pain level is greatly diminished.

I have been having 6 monthly knee injections to stop the pain from old sporting knee injuries. My GP now told me that any further injections are undesirable and the only option is for knee replacement surgery. Since starting Bowen three weeks ago the pain has amazingly subsided.

Lastly, in recent years, I have developed chronic constipation and have needed to take prescription medication every day. Three visits to Nicky have, at the moment, completely sorted out this problem and I have stopped taking the medication.

What more can I say. I am a convert!

John C 80 yrs  – Male


I experienced a slipped disc in January 2014 and subsequently started to develop chronic pain and mobility issues in most of my joints, muscles and soft tissue areas. I tried chiropractic techniques during the year, but found them to be too severe an approach for me and began to dread going to my sessions. I found the relaxing, gentle approach of Bowen Therapy to be more beneficial and tolerable for me and surprisingly effective. Even after one session I noticed an improvement and after 3 sessions my mobility had considerably improved and I was virtually pain free – only left with an occasional twinge, but no more pain in the night or pain when just trying to turn over in bed. If my discomfort were to return I would have no hesitation in returning to Nicky for a ‘top up’ treatment.

Gill W