A selection of more testimonials


I suffered from severe migraines 3-4 times a week and the only way I could stop the tension and pain was to sleep, meaning most of the time I had to have a nap on my lunch break at work, or was going to bed extremely early.
I had a Bowen session once a week for 6 weeks and even after the first session, the intensity of the migraines reduced. Over the course of the sessions the frequency they were occurring reduced until they stopped completely.
I haven’t had a migraine at all since the therapy, which is great as I haven’t had to nap during the day, or cut my day short. It’s great to be able to live normally without having to worry that I might get a migraine and have to sleep it off. My shoulders and neck also feel more relaxed which is great when I’m working at a desk all day.
I really recommend Bowen therapy to anyone that suffers with migraines or tension-type headaches and if my migraines overcome back I will go back to therapy straight away!

Abby – Leigh 0n Sea

Cramps  / Neck and Shoulder pains

I wanted to let you know how I’m getting on since visiting you a couple of weeks ago for treatment to my neck and shoulder. I’m pleased to say it is much improved, and from night after night of shoulder pain and neck cramps, which was quite painful, I’ve had no recurrence of the unpleasant pain and cramps apart from two mild episodes of cramp. When I left that day, I felt very different from the person that arrived for my Bowen therapy, left feeling changed, can’t really explain why, I just did. Having had this problem for some weeks, I knew when I booked my sessions with you, the problem would be solved, and would highly recommend seeing you for anyone with long term pain. Thank you Nicky.

John – Southend

Restless Legs and Migraine

I have been suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome for several years. If I woke during the night and did not go off to sleep again quickly my legs would get uncomfortable (twitching) and I would have to get up and sit in the lounge for a short while or watch a film until my legs calmed down then I could return to bed.
This was the same if I sat for more than a short while.  I had to keep moving the position I was sitting in or walk around to try and relieve the symptoms.  This was very annoying for people around me and uncomfortable if I was at the theatre, on a plane or just trying to watch the TV at home.

I visited Nicky 2 weeks ago and I was recommended to have 3 sessions of Bowen Therapy which I have just finished. That evening after the first session of Bowen Therapy I was sitting in my lounge watching TV in comfort for the first time in ages and had a better night sleep than I have for a long time.
I have also noticed a difference in other areas such as migraine, headaches and neck muscle pain.  These are much better since having Bowen Therapy.

Peter (Male aged 58)

Mouth Ulcers

After suffering from glandular fever, I was left with recurring mouth ulcers which would break out every 2-3 weeks in crops. They were extremely painful and debilitating. I had 2 bowen treatments which resolved the problem. I highly recommend bowen.

Robert (Male – aged 26) – Accountant

Tennis Elbow

Bowen therapy has improved my tennis elbow brilliantly. I no longer have shooting pain up my arms. My insomnia has also improved due this treatment and my restless legs have stopped. Thanks Nicky for improving my life!

Aches and Pains

Just to say since visiting you for various aches and pains, I have had for years, it was very much try another therapy to see if this works. How surprised I was in the outcome, problems I have had for years had been vastly improved and a new problem of a trapped nerve after a hernia op, was relieved after one session. Unlike massage, this is a non invasive hands on treatment, gentle and relaxing, and admit to falling into a trance like state, on more than one occasion. My last session, I was very stressed out, and by the time I left, I had a feeling of wellbeing, and felt relaxed for the rest of the day. I’m sure I’ll be visiting again, at some point, as exercising can bring its own problems. Thanks again.

John T