Melt Away Your Aches and Pains


How fit are you for Summer  and all those outdoor jobs that need to be tackled? It is important to care for our health by eating well, exercising properly and relaxing to help calm the mind and body. Combining a complimentary therapy like Bowen can provide that extra benefit of relieving the body of tension and dysfunction and help maintain health through natural spring photoblue flowers

Chronic tension increases over time and leads to blockages in the body’s circulatory systems which depletes cells of blood, nutrients and oxygen and leads to a build-up of toxins. This starts the process of disease and dysfunction. Over time your body becomes accustomed to stiffness, restrictions and pain but this can result in a cascade of destructive health problems. Bowen is an ideal way to restore imbalances and restrictions before they develop into major problems. As you get back to moving freely and get back to your activities, you reset your body and restore your ability to sense how your body should move and function.

Many of us who are fundamentally healthy still can become unbalanced at times due to work, injuries, sedentary lifestyle and emotional stress, all of which disturbs and weakens the flow of energy. Energy is the basis of all living cells and its flow is vital to maintain health.

Because of its deep tension releasing and energizing effect, Bowen is very effective in assisting he body to heal itself in a wide range of health issues. It is a natural healing therapy which can help maximize good health. Bowen is a therapy that works very lightly over the body but this effects are very deep, widespread and profound.

If you are interested in Bowen, please contact me for a chat or to book an appointment. Don’t forget, you don’t have to wait for symptoms to appear or significantly worsen to benefit from Bowen. Don’t wait for your body to scream at you before deciding to do something about it!