How Bowen Therapy can help with Stress

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How can Bowen Therapy help with stress? According to the latest HSE statistics, the total number of working days lost due to anxiety and depression in 2015/16 was 11.7 million days in the UK. Stress accounted for 37% of all work related ill health cases. It is estimated that 75% – 95% of all GP consultations are due to stress related illness as stress is known to be a contributory factor in many health problems. Conditions such as heart disease, chronic inflammation, gastro-intestinal problems, lowered immunity and mental health issues can all be associated with stress and depression.

Physical and mental stress manifests itself as symptoms such as tiredness, lethargy, stiff and sore muscles, exhaustion, mood swings and poor sleep pattern. With our ever increasing fast paced and pressured lifestyles, experts believe that stress in the UK is likely to get worse not better.

We all need a certain level of a stress response to keep us alert, active and motivated, but too much stress prevents our bodies working at their optimum. Our bodies are not equipped to handle long term chronic stress without negative consequences.

Complementary therapies are now becoming increasing recommended by Doctors and Consultants as an adjunct to conventional treatments to help alleviate stress and discomfort.

Many complementary therapies date back thousands of years and are considered by many to be beneficial to their health. Many people look for alternative ways to help alleviate their stress instead of relying on medication.

Bowen Therapy is one such therapy that may help relieve stress, low mood, sleep problems and anxiety. Many clients report how Bowen has a positive effect on their mental well-being. It helps promote a feeling of calm and relaxation which allows the body to heal and repair.

Stress can affect all aspects of health and life so it is important to recognise early signs and address these before it becomes an all-consuming chronic condition.

Mrs H came to Bowen as she had been taking sleeping tablets for a long time but felt nervous about coming off them as advised by her GP. Bowen proved to be of great benefit to her as it helped her relax and improved her quality of sleep. She was able to wean herself immediately and after only three sessions of Bowen, she had completely stopped her medication.

Because Bowen helps balance the whole person it can benefit in many ways and many clients continue to choose Bowen as a regular therapy to maintain good health and mental well-being.