Grounding: The Effects on Health


There is emerging new evidence that suggests that the lack of direct physical contact with the earth’s surface may be a contributory factor to physiological dysfunction and ill health.

Grounding has been known about and practised for centuries but current lifestyles and modern day living disconnect us from such contact.

Research suggests the benefits of grounding, that is: walking barefoot outside or connecting in other ways with conductive means, has be found to promote physiological changes and reports of improved health and well-being. (1)

In one such study, even one-hour contact with the Earth appears to promote significantly autonomic nervous system control of body fluids and peripheral blood flow. This may help improve inflammation and circulation to the body and face. (2)

In today’s lifestyle, we prevent ourselves from grounding by living and working in insulated environments such as home, office, schools, cars and outdoor rubber soled shoes.

Take and average child and consider their daily schedule. A child will get up and dressed, put on their school shoes, get taken to school by car and spend most of the day in an insulated classroom. School break times and physical education may take place outdoors but always with rubber soled shoes on. They return home by car and only then maybe during the summer months would they have the chance to run about barefoot outside. The winter months could see them not having the opportunity to ground for days or weeks at a time.  This also goes for adults.

Take a few minutes to analyse your own daily routine and how many times during the last week or month have you gone barefoot outdoors.

We all know how good we feel after a summer vacation and there are many factors which give us the good feel factor after a well-earned rest, but maybe grounding is not something you would have considered. Spending time on the beach and round a poolside gives us plenty of grounding time. Many of our aches and pains and chronic illnesses are significantly worse during the colder months.

There are many studies and scientific research which demonstrate the effects grounding has on our cells within us. Without connection to the earth’s negative charge, we build up an excess of positive ions which have a damaging effect on our cells.

Many health benefits have been reported with regular grounding, such as, improved sleep, reduction in inflammation, reduced stress and anxiety, improved overall general well-being and faster healing times from injury.

 It has been shown that grounding promotes a rapid activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and corresponding deactivation of the sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight). (3). It has been suggested that Bowen therapy also has this effect on the nervous system.

So regular grounding between Bowen sessions can only help to enhance the effects of Bowen and speed up recovery.





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