Bowen Therapy and Headaches

bowen-346Headaches are defined as pain in the head or upper neck and is one of the most common disorders of the nervous system. It has been estimated that 47% of the adult population have headache at least once within last year according to the World Health Organisation.

Headaches are often the result of stress and anxiety, bad posture, injuries, dehydration, lack of sleep, muscle tension and hormonal changes and this can lead onto chronic tension-type headaches which is defined as having a headache on or at least 15 days every month for at least three months.

Many areas around the head and neck can be affected when they are subjected to compression, spasm, tension, inflammation, or irritation and the symptoms can become very debilitating.

Muscle imbalances are often caused by something you do as a habit such as slumped over a PC or in a chair, bad stance or walking habits or as a result of emotional stress and tension.

As well as many other remedies and changes in lifestyle to help combat the symptoms, Bowen is an extremely

effective therapy, as it’s holistic approach stimulates the nervous system to release tensions within the soft tissue (fascia) on many levels.

One of my clients was suffering with unbearable headaches and back pain which was primarily bought on by an unfortunate stressful situation. She had enormous improvement in her symptoms after only one session of Bowen.

Here is what she had to say:

“I just wanted to thank you very much for all your help with Bowen therapy. In a few sentences I will explain why I am so thankful to you. You are an amazing and wonderful person. I am so glad that I found you.

In 2014 my son had internal brain bleeding and I was devastated about his condition. He was close to death but now he is stabilized and he is feeling much better. In my heart I am so thankful that he is better but as a mum you suffer too much and I came to you with such strong a headache and back pain. The pain there was dreadful so much so that I wasn’t much help for my family. I can truthfully tell you that after the first session I felt so much better and much livelier.”

Following further sessions, my client has continued to improve. She now virtually pain free, has a much more positive attitude and is more able to cope with caring for her son and family.

Bowen Technique practitioner Nikke Ariff recently completed The Bowen Technique National Migraine Research Program, which sought to determine the efficacy of The Bowen Technique in the treatment of the migraine condition.

His findings were: in all, 31 participants experienced a positive result, representing 79.5% of participants – a very impressive response rate showing significant improvement. At the end of the program, 36 of the 39 volunteers said they would recommend Bowen as a treatment to a friend or colleague.

Further information on this study can be found at

The Bowen Technique National Migraine Study