Bowen for pre and post surgery

Bowen for pre and post surgery

bowen-399-EditUsing Bowen prior to undergoing surgery or for post-operative recovery can help reduce complications by relaxing the body and reducing anxiety thus allowing the nervous system to function at an optimal level and focus the body on its innate healing abilities.

There are many client testimonials which document the effectiveness of Bowen to help speed up recovery by helping to reduce post-operative pain, swelling and stiffness, increase mobility and improve one’s general sense of well-being.

This is one such case of a lady who had undergone major emergency surgery:

Mrs R is a 60 year old lady who came for Bowen following major surgery to remove a chronically infected gall bladder. It was so badly infected and damaged that she must have been suffering with this for years according to her surgeon. Over the years she had been diagnosed with several conditions such as angina, heart failure, chest infections, lethargy and generalised muscle aches and pains.  She had felt unwell for a very long time and had become extremely ill for 2 months before she was diagnosed with chronic cholecystitis.  It became apparent according to her surgeon that past illnesses had in fact been symptoms of cholecystitis which had not been identified.

During the difficult operation she unfortunately suffered a liver tear which had to be repaired by inserting a stent.  Post-surgery she suffered from a series or complications including back flow from a drain which lead to two episodes of peritonitis and was hospitalised for 3 weeks.

Understandably, Mrs R had taken a battering and felt extremely sore and weak following her discharge and recovery was very slow.  She was suffering from unrelenting pains in her upper back, ribs and shoulders. She had a poor appetite and mobility.

After the first few Bowen moves she felt much less tension in her back and felt a release feeling in her upper back and ribs after working on neck and respiratory moves.

She also had feeling of bloating and an empty feeling in her abdomen when she laid on her side. She felt the need to hug a pillow to relieve this odd feeling.

I suspected she may have had ileo-caecal valve dysfunction so I worked lightly over this area and massaged a reflex point. Mrs R felt a warming sensation in the right side of her abdomen and promptly belched!

After the session she felt completely relaxed and in much less pain.

She came for her second session a week later and I immediately noticed a change in her. She walked in upright and in a spritely manner. Her facial expression indicated a much more relaxed and happier person. She reported that following the first session she had passed a lot of flatulance, her back pain had completely resolved and she had not had to take any analgesia since.  Her appetite has returned and she has managed to get out for several walks with her son and her dogs. She could not thank me enough as the change in her had been phenomenal.

During her session she asked me if she would be able to start swimming as she felt so much better. This was great to hear such positivity from a lady who only one week earlier had felt so fragile and weak and in constant pain.

Mrs R wishes to continue with a few more sessions to help with her recovery and well-being. She now feels she has turned the corner and now has a much more positive outlook.


The Bowen Technique is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is recommended you consult your own doctor about any health concerns you may have.